General Announcements

Photo shoots and autographs now on sale

Meet guest stars from the show, attend Photo and Autograph session. Pre-order in advance your photo tickets with the guests of Asylum.
  • Adam Rose Photo Ticket £25.00
  • Alaina Huffman Photo Ticket £25.00
  • Briana Buckmaster Photo Ticket £25.00
  • Chad Lindberg Photo Ticket £25.00
  • Kim Rhodes Photo Ticket £25.00
  • Lauren Tom Photo Ticket £25.00
  • Mark Pellegrino Photo Ticket £35.00
  • Mark Sheppard Autograph Ticket £25.00
  • Mark Sheppard Photo Ticket £40.00
  • Misha Collins Autograph Ticket £30.00
  • Misha Collins Photo Ticket £70.00
  • Osric Chau Photo Ticket £35.00
  • The Hillywood Show© Photo Ticket £30.00
Don’t forget you need to have bought a convention ticket if you wish to attend any session above.

Book tickets and pre-order photo and autograph sessions online.